The platform has numerous features that offer a wide range of possible uses. From the connection of buildings and systems, through data transfer and data processing to cloud based control. A detailed overview of all functions can be found in our documentation.




The Edge-Device is a certified industrial PC, which connects to all sensors, actuators and control devices via the supported protocols.


Whether via Edge-Device or directly via MQTT: The building or energy system to be connected becomes cloud-available in a few simple steps.


Data Capture

From BACnet to Modbus, we understand the system across protocols, connecting local databases and addressing existing APIs to ensure extensive data availability.

Data Storage

Your data will be stored in fine resolution. Our high-performance time series databases allow dynamic data queries.

Virtual Data Points

Create virtual data points from multiple existing data points and external data sources.



All data and functions can also be accessed and processed via our RESTful HTTP API. Our MQTT API provides efficient up/down stream access for writing data from or to the platform in real time.


Our browser-based user interface offers various possibilities for fast data analysis and visualization.

Individual Dashboards

A fast and flexible client-side data visualization with numerous display types and options. Dynamic dashboards can be created and managed by roles.


Different types of alarms can be set up on original and virtual data points and made available via innovative and conventional channels.


Convenient and user-friendly alarm management. Alarms can be classified, assigned, tracked, prioritized and forwarded.

Access Control

The access rights management allows any number of roles with individual access rights to be implemented, from individual data points to an entire project.

Data Management

Assign tags, individualize plant identification and favor data points. Keep track of your data.

Setpoint Management

If the underlying system permits, the platform can be used to write target values and set schedules.

AI-Time Series Classification

Our artificial intelligence generates additional metadata for data classification and error detection.

Automated Reporting

Use our automated evaluations to detect malfunctions of your plants and to receive recommendations for optimization.

Semantic Modeling

Generate your digital twin using our component libraries.

User Data Ingress

Integrate all other relevant data in real time via MQTT or historically via REST API.

Data Integration

Use the integration of useful external data, such as weather data and forecasts or room occupancy data.

Cloud Integration

We integrate your existing clouds such as Discovergy, Cumulocity, Wago M+M, Siemens Mindsphere or Lightelligence.


Microsoft Excel Integration

Use Microsoft Excel for independent data evaluation. You have direct access to all data available in .io via our plug-in.


Example: Live Data set into scence - 3D Model

Technical rooms of building and energy system systems are usually small and nested in a very small space due to the variety of pipes, sensors and components. Operators or maintenance companies working on the installed system technology must first study and understand extensive documentation in the event of malfunctions or the like. Together with our partner Scasa, we scanned the technical room of a reference building, augmented the data points recorded by our edge device into the 3D visualization, so that further information can now be added at will, target values changed or the operation of the systems interactively monitored.