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  • Vernetzung zwischen Gebäuden in einer Großstadt

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How does the collaboration with aedifion work? What added value can I create with the cloud platform during ongoing operations? Get valuable insights from our case studies.




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Kaiser Hof | Cologne

Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co. KG

Floor Space: 12 350m²
Year of Construction: 2019
Heat Generation: District heating

CO2 savings: 17,1
Operating cost savings: 1.23 €/m² per year

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Digitalisierter Gebäudecampus

aedificium | Project Outline

Elevation Corp.

Building area: 42 000m²
Year of construction: 2009
Heat generation: District heating

CO2 savings: 33 %
Energy cost savings: 1,41 €/m² per year

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