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Tradition meets Innovation

Kaiser Hof


Named after the "King of Prussia", the Kaiser Hof in the center of Cologne combines tradition with modernity. On more than 12,000 m², a prestigious property for office space has been created with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technical equipment. D

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Art-Invest Real Estate


Optimization Bundle

Case Study

Kaiser Hof is a development by Art-Invest Real Estate, who are setting a new standard for modern offices with this building. Its high-quality systems engineering, precisely designed building automation and latest technical standards ensure user satisfaction and well-being with the lowest energy requirements and CO2 emissions. To meet these requirements, the BMS has over 10 000 data points, more than 300 individual room controls, fully air-conditioned ventilation, cooling supply with free cooling option and district heating integration.


With its cloud platform, aedifion was commissioned to provide the technical facility management of Kaiser Hof with a tool that can efficiently guarantee daily operation according to the highest standards. As a result, tenants can be offered the best comfort at the lowest operating costs – while the CO2 emissions of Kaiser Hof are reduced.


24 800€ annual cost savings (2,01 €/m²/a)
193 MWh annual energy savings(15,7 kWh/m²/a)
46 t CO2 annually reduced emissions  (3,7 kg /m²/a)

Establish connectivity to technical building equipment (TBE)

At Kaiser Hof, this could be implemented plug-and-play with an edge device without any investment costs. Tothis end, FM employees received a preconfigured edge device by parcel post at Kaiser Hof, which they put into operation plug-and-play within a few minutes. The Edge Device immediately established a securely encrypted and stableconnection from Kaiser Hof to the aedifion cloud platform. During commissioning, it was revealed that the buildingmanagement system had not been supplied with the correct automation protocol, contrary to the specified requirements. Fortunately, this mistake could be corrected during the commissioning process, thanks to it being caught early.Since then, logging of the system and automation data has been continuous and in real time. To date, almost 10 000data points from the building have been connected, as well as 500 additional data points from consumption meters viaan integration of the smart metering service provider Comgy. In addition, aedifion continuously calculates another 600virtual data points.

Data Structuring with Artificial Intelligence

The next step towards data-based operational optimization was the structuring the data via the frontend into digital twins of each component. This was done as part of aedifion’s full service package .elevate. Supported by AI, 359digital twins were created, 298 of which were identical rooms, which were automatically created, based on the first assigned room. The other digital twins include, for example, weather stations, air handling units (AHUs), chillers and distribution for heating and cooling.

Continuous Data-Based Operational Optimization

The introduction of a continuous improvement processfor operational optimization at Kaiser Hof was the nextstep. To accelerate the integration with the new digitaltool into the daily work of property and facility management, aedifion’s professionals were available as part ofthe .elevate full-service package. An aedifion engineeraccompanied the technical team at Kaiser Hof throughthe first cycles of the improvement process; from theDie dreiwichtigstenSchritteWithout additional investmentand configuration on sitePlug-and-Playprioritization of one specific optimization measure percycle to its implementation and performance review.From now on, the team at Kaiser Hof has access to 744weekly updated analysis results of their 359 digital twins,which on one hand informs about optimization potentialsand technical malfunctions and on the other hand trackthe success of implemented measures to continuouslyimprove the operation at Kaiser Hof.

Operational cost savings

6 530 €/a Heating curve adjustment

14 500 €/a Reduced RLT running times

3 776 €/a Lobby temperature adjustment

Customer Feedback

With Kaiser Hof, we were faced with the challenge of optimally operating a building that had been planned and realized according to the latest technical standards. There are about 10,000 data points in the building, but they were not processed or evaluated by the building automation system in such a way that the technical facility management could also work with them. This offered enormous potential for software-based operational optimization. With aedifion, we were able to bring all the data points together and keep an eye on building operations thanks to automatic analyses. With the aedifion cloud, we have managed to increase user comfort even further in a very short time and at the same time reduce costs for energy and CO2 emissions.

Guido Meitz, Property Manager

Kaiser Hof