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Sustainable Operation as a Digital Element of the ESG Strategy

One Cologne


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Optimization Bundle

Case Study


The goal at ONE COLOGNE was to identify potentials in operation, to reduce costs, and to implement savings in energy and CO2. At the same time, a modern and demand-oriented control system was to ensure a permanent high level of comfort in the building. Both aspects contribute the AEW‘s ESG strategy.


With the aedifion cloud platform the energy consumption could be reduced according to demand and thus important energy savings could be achieved. Through the reduction of ancillary costs and greater tenant comfort, the value of the property is additionally increased in a future-oriented manner


46 700 € annual cost savings (2,23 €/m²/a)
237 MWh annual energy savings (11,36 kWh/m²/a)
66 t CO2 annually reduced emissions (3,13 kg /m²/a)

Identify Optimization Potentials

Since 2021, ONE COLOGNE has been connected simply plug-and-play to the aedifion cloud platform and has been delivering important data in real time ever since. Artificial intelligence continuously analyzes the resulting database and thereby identifies potentials for optimization in building operations. In this way, the platform provides recommendations for improving performance as well as exciting insights into the system functionality.

Reduce Costs & Increase Comfort

The identified savings are impressive: Permanent reduction of operating costs, reduction of plant downtime, direct CO2 savings through adjustments in technical operation. Looking to the future, AEW is taking athoroughly sustainable approach to building operation withthe help of the aedifion cloud platform, while demanddriven control also ensures comfort for the building‘s users.

Building Blocks of a Future-oriented ESG Strategy

With a focus on sustainable investments, AEW‘s team atONE COLOGNE is particularly committed to on-demand energy consumption, ecological operation, low costs, lowCO2 emissions and satisfied tenants. With the aedifioncloud platform, the operating team has a powerful digital tool that takes the ESG strategy into account.

Customer Feedback

The aedifion solution contributes to our ESG strategy: We want sustainable buildings whose operation runs completely on demand, without wasting resources and energy. By using the cloud platform, we have not only been able to improve our energy efficiency and save CO2, but also increase the comfort for our tenants.

Johannes Mayer | Associate Director Asset Management | AEW Invest GmbH

One Cologne