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Cloud Platform for
Transparent Building Operation

All Building Data in One Place

Merging Trades & Data

Truly sustainable building operation can only be guaranteed if all components of building technology work together.
It is time for a one-stop solution that brings together data from all trades, breaks up isolated solutions and finally makes building operation more efficient.


Transparency for Your Building Technology

With we bring your entire building technology plug-and-play into the cloud, creating unprecedented transparency. The cloud platform provides you with a holistic operating picture of your building - and digital twins of your systems. Monitoring, analysis, optimization and autonomous control can be easily implemented and turn your building into a true smart building.

Our Cockpits for Every User

Overview of all buildings in the entire portfolio in terms of functionality and sustainability

Economic presentation of building operating data, derivation of measures for value enhancement

Overview of the functional status of the technical trades and special events in the building

Permanently optimized building operation through automatic analyses, error detection & optimization recommendations

Full transparency about the automation system and trend visualization of any data points

More Possibilities Through Multiple Integrations

In addition to the standard building services trades, we also offer various integrations to third-party systems, such as Thing-it, Cumulocity, Zenner Cloud, WTEC or Discovergy, and are constantly expanding our scope of services here.


Overview Integrations

Building Operation by App

Opportunities in Your Hands

Building management made easy via app. With the licenses to the aedifion cloud platform, you have all relevant data with you at all times. In addition to the web-based front end, the aedifion app gives you convenient access to the platform from anywhere. Multi-redundantly secured, the app allows you to keep track of your building data at all times and react more quickly when needed. Building management has never been so easy.

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Whether with edge device or directly via MQTT: The building or energy system to be switched on becomes cloud-available with just a few hand movements.

Data Acquisition

From BACnet to Modbus, we understand the system across protocols, connecting local databases and addressing existing APIs to ensure extensive data availability.

Data Storage

Your data is stored in fine resolution. Our high-performance time series databases allow dynamic data queries.

Data Management

Assign tags, individualize asset tag keys, favorite data points. Keep overview of your data.


Clear and user-friendly alarm management. Alarms can be classified, assigned, tracked, prioritized and routed.


All data and functionality can also be accessed and processed via our RESTful HTTP API. To write data in real-time from or to the platform, our MQTT API provides efficient up/down stream access.


Our browser-based front end offers the most diverse options for rapid data inspection and visualization.

Custom Dashboards

A fast and flexible customer-facing data visualization with numerous display types and options. Dynamic dashboards can be created and managed rights-based.


Access Control

The rights management lets you implement any number of roles with individual access permissions, from individual data points to the entire project.

Data Integration

Integrate any other data relevant to you in real time via MQTT or historically via REST API. Use the integration of external data, such as weather data and forecasts or room occupancy data. 


We integrate their existing clouds such as Discovergy, Cumulocity, Wago M+M, Siemens Mindsphere or Lightelligence.

Microsoft Excel Integration

Use Microsoft Excel for standalone data analysis. Via our plug-in you have direct access to all data available in .io.