The Digital Upgrade for More Sustainable Building Operations

Plug-and-play access to all operational data. Our cloud platform is the digital twin of the building and helps to understand and improve facilities in an automated way. Whether it's a single property or an entire portfolio. We make your building technology digital and buildings simply better.


Our Products

The Future of Building Automation


Connectivity to all building services trades and data availability plug-and-play.


Efficiency and sustainability in building operations through automated analyses and data-based optimization recommendations. 


Self-learning, efficient and cost-minimized operation through cloud-based autonomous control. Your digital system upgrade.


.engineering - use our modular functionality in your existing systems and expand your value chain in a future-oriented way.

How We Make Your Portfolio Fit for the Future

Your added value with the aedifion cloud platform

Data Availability

Via plug-and-play connection, data from the building is available in no time at all. You get a transparent and fast comprehensive picture of the building, the technical building equipment, the energy consumption as well as possible optimization potentials - a kind of due diligence for buildings.

Cost Reduction

Data from all building technology can flow into the platform and be used for optimization. This allows operating costs to be optimized on the basis of actual use, on the one hand by reducing primary energy requirements, and on the other by condition-based maintenance and cleaning.

Value Enhancement

The platform and simple implementation of digital management concepts in building operation makes the building future-proof including smart building readiness with positive effects on the potential cold rent.

Our Smart Building Premise

What actually makes a smart building? We have made our criteria of a smart building the premise:

Data Security

Security-by-Design | Hosting in Germany | Certified data centers | Encrypted data transmission

Open interfaces

Integrate third-party systems easily via our API


All data of the building securely on one platform


Add vendor-independent integrations as you see fit.

Security and Data Protection

Our platform enables you to work with highly sensitive data of your building control system. This makes the security of these data and systems all the more important to us. Our software architecture ensures that your data is protected at all times and remains so. To achieve this, we work with multi-level, redundant security mechanisms.

Secure Access Management

Using role-based access management, we ensure that every user has exactly the rights they need to work with the platform. Our rights management allows any number of roles with individual access authorizations to be implemented, from individual data points to a company-wide project overview.

Data Security and Encryption

All collected data is automatically stored in separate locations. This ensures that, should the worst happen, your work remains accessible at all times. Data transmission is encrypted from the singular plant to our servers according to the current state of the art.

Certified Data Centers in Germany

We use ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers to host and operate all of our platform's applications, and all of our services are hosted exclusively in Germany.

Application and Platform Security

All services and data are consistently separated. This means that users only have access to the data they actually need for their intended purpose.


Secure Right from the Start

The protection of personal data and plant data is our top priority. That is why we have followed the "security-by-design" approach in the development of our software from the very beginning, in order to make our platform as secure as possible against attacks. Security aspects are taking on an increasingly important role in cloud solutions, which is why we have placed a special focus on this.

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