The Future of Building Automation

One Platform - Countless Use Cases

With our cloud solutions, we can map a wide range of use cases. The platform is as flexible as its building and adapts to regularly changing requirements and use cases.

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Data Availability

Data is the basis for efficient operation. We digitally make every building available and ensure comprehensive data collection. Simply plug-and-play or via smart retrofit solutions. In this way, we create holistic data availability from the individual data point to the portfolio level.


Operational Optimization

Improved building operation and lower energy costs? With the help of artificial intelligence and our cloud platform, building operations can be improved economically and environmentally. The results are reduced energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, predictive maintenance and a reduced burden on the operating team.

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Green Building



Buildings make a significant contribution to global energy consumption. Reason enough, therefore, to include them in an effective portfolio sustainability strategy. We show you how!


Smart Building

Optimizing space utilization, adapting room thermals to the weather, or ordering the elevator via app. The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived in the real estate sector. With the aedifion cloud platform, we enable all services in one central location. This turns your asset into a true smart building.

Green Office
Asset Manager with tablet


Technical Monitoring

Take advantage of the aedifion cloud platform as the basis for your technical monitoring. With the help of artificial intelligence, data acquisition for this becomes simple plug-and-play.


Energy Efficiency

Increase the energy efficiency of individual buildings or your entire portfolio with cloud-based operational optimization using artificial intelligence.

Green Building
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