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Smart Plant Control out
of the Cloud

The Digital Upgrade in Continual Operation


Potentials in building operation

In daily building operations, there are numerous opportunities to improve energy efficiency and tenant satisfaction. But without digital tools, these improvements are often time and labor intensive. aedifion.controls automates the improvement process:

Plant Control

Modern plant control works differently today

aedifion.controls is the tool for self-controlled operation optimization from the cloud. Modern algorithms and artificial intelligence ensure sustainable and economical operation - and the perfect feel-good climate for your tenants. Our intuitive cockpit gives you a full overview of your facilities at all times and provides comprehensive reporting.

Thanks to the open interface design, external data sources such as weather data or room occupancy can be integrated directly into the control system. Pre-cooling the room before the sun shines in? - From now on it will happen automatically. With aedifion.controls.

Scope of aedifion.controls

The digital upgrade in continuous operation


Via and the integration of further data sources, all required data is collected independent of the manufacturer.


Our artificial intelligence evaluates the data and learns more and more about the plant operation so that it can run autonomously and self-controlled.


The self-learning algorithms automate, permanently and continuously optimize the systems in the building.

Get your plant control into the cloud!

Control and regulate building technology via web and app. With aedifion.controls you bring your control algorithms into the cloud and make control and regulation simply better. We show you how! Get a non-binding consultation now!

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499 €

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  • cloud-based control of plants and components as digital upgrade
  • can be cancelled monthly
  • requires .io
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  • Service, consulting & training as needed
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Service package

With our service package, we get you on track. Our experienced engineers will be happy to advise you on setting up a self-learning automation system. In addition, new functions can be created by us entirely according to your specifications. This provides you with additional, external resources for the cloud-based control and regulation of your plants.

  • Sustainability consulting
  • New algorithms according to your specifications
  • Individual trainings