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AI for Optimal Building Operation

Icon gradient ventilation

Improved Indoor Air Quality

and higher thermal comfort

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Energy Consumption

in line with demand

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Resource-efficient Plant Operation

to achieve the optimal operating condition at all times


Self-learning and Autonomous Towards Optimized Operation

Modern algorithms and artificial intelligence ensure sustainable and economical system operation and a perfect feel-good atmosphere for users. The system is quick to set up and ensures immediate and lasting savings. With aedifion.controls it is possible to permanently achieve an optimal operating state. The autonomous, self-learning system control uses external data, such as weather forecasts, to operate the building in a resource-saving, economical and user-oriented manner.

Algorithms for Autonomous Control

With .controls, you can use preconfigured algorithms that autonomously operate the plants optimally. No matter whether summer or winter, full load or little going on.

Customized Dashboard

A custom-configured dashboard lets you see the savings, asset functionality, and performance of your building and your entire portfolio.

Visualization of Savings

We reveal to you the benefits. In our frontend, you can see at a glance how much you have saved by using the cloud platform.

Demand Side Management

Make your building an active part of the energy system and let your power consumption be managed grid-interactively.

Visualization of Control Interventions

Stay on top of AI decisions and actions via the dashboard, and interact manually when needed.

Model Predictive Control

By integrating weather forecasts, for example, we can enable model-predictive control. Preheating the office automatically because it's snowing outside? - No problem with aedifion.controls.

Whether it's an office building, shopping center or municipal facility: Autonomous, self-learning control is already active in many projects today, making a significant contribution to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings in a purely digital way. It is the first step on the road to decarbonization.

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Letting Numbers Count


Years of groundwork


Customers & counting


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Average Savings

Improving Autonomously

Real Time Optimization

Our Artificial Intelligence controls your building's systems in a self-learning, predictive and demand-driven way to ensure energy-efficient and comfortable operation on a permanent basis. The more data the AI collects, the better it understands the operation of the building. Setpoint adjustments can then be made autonomously to make operation better and better. To achieve this, we utilize

- Usage data in real time e.g. occupancy
- Forecasts of e.g. weather and attendance
- Plant data to control it in a balanced way

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Green Office
Example of Savings

Adaptive Room Climate Control

Our control algorithms are the key to your success. The adaptive room control algorithm learns the time it takes for a facility to heat up or cool down. The schedule is then continuously optimized so that systems and rooms have exactly the right temperatures at the desired time. This already enables immediate savings of up to around 6% as well as greater comfort for tenants.


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