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Decarbonize your portfolio and improve your building operations

Over 100

successful projects

Save up to 40 %

energy, CO2 and operating costs

Positive Cashflow

within 6 months

Operation Optimization Made Simple

The aedifion software solution makes decarbonizing your buildings easy. It autonomously takes over the optimization of your building technology systems and helps to achieve the optimal operating state at any time with predictive control. You can achieve this in three simple steps:

Data In Real Time

We ensure that all building data is delivered to the cloud platform in real time - Simply plug-and-play

Automatic optimization suggestions

Get tangible optimization suggestions for your asset based on your operational data.

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Autonomous regulation

Always achieve the best operating performance in the balance between economic efficiency, sustainability and tenant satisfaction.

We have a Mission

The fast and easy decarbonization of the building portfolio. The software solutions in our Optimization Bundle hit the core of this mission and deliver everything you need to make it happen.

Whats included

Get Ahead Now and Simply Make Your Building Better

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