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Old and new building

Optimization Bundle

Operational Optimization of Your Entire Building Portfolio

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Operation Optimization Made Simple

The aedifion software solution makes decarbonizing your portfolio easy. It autonomously takes over the optimization of your building technology systems and helps to achieve the optimal operating state at any time with predictive control. You can achieve this in three simple steps:

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Data In Real Time

We ensure that all building data is delivered to the cloud platform in real time - Simply plug-and-play

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Automatic optimization suggestions

Get tangible optimization suggestions for your asset based on your operational data.

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Autonomous regulation

Always achieve the best operating performance in the balance between economic efficiency, sustainability and tenant satisfaction.

Operations in Compliance with GEG
Now Certified by TÜV

TÜV-certified Solution for Existing Buildings in Accordance with § 71a GEG

With our Optimization Bundle, you ensure that your building portfolio fully complies with the legal requirements for building automation in accordance with Section 71a (1, 2 and 4) of the German Building Energy Act (GEG). Simply by digitally upgrading the technical building equipment. Learn more about the regulations in our blog post.

We Have a Mission

The fast and easy decarbonization of the building portfolio. The software solutions in our Optimization Bundle hit the core of this mission and deliver everything you need to make it happen.

Turning Decarbonization Into Practice

Portfolio Reporting

With our reporting overview and the energy & CO2 matrix, you have a constant overview of important KPIs for your portfolio, giving you the highest possible level of transparency about your assets, systems and service providers.

Energy Efficiency in Existing & New Buildings

With our portfolio analysis, we will define a precise decarbonization roadmap for each building in your portfolio. Simply plug-and-play or with individual retrofit solutions. We make every building in the portfolio digitally available - whether existing or new.

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Using AI-based analyses, we can identify savings potential for you in order to lower energy consumption in line with demand and thus reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. An important component of your portfolio-wide decarbonization roadmap. We can then derive further measures for your ESG targets based on our data.

Wellbeing & Satisfied Tenants

We are committed to a healthy indoor climate and satisfied tenants in your buildings. In order to achieve this, we track wellbeing factors such as indoor air quality, temperature and humidity using a comfort analysis and provide recommendations on how to improve wellbeing in the respective rooms. In this way, we ensure satisfied tenants and avoid frequent tenant changes.

Autonomous Control with Artificial Intelligence

The AI capabilities of our cloud platform regulate the systems in your buildings autonomously and in a self-learning manner. We integrate room booking apps and weather forecasts, to automatically achieve the best possible operating status in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and tenant satisfaction. Doing so helps to lower costs, reduce wear and tear on systems and relieve the burden on facility management.

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Edge Device Plug-and-Play Inbetriebnahme

Leave no Asset Behind

Our promise: With aedifion, we enable the digital availability of every building and optimize your portfolio together with you - whether through simple plug-and-play connection or with individual retrofit solutions.


Data from systems in IP networks can simply plug-and-play flow into the cloud platform by installation of an edge device on the building automation system. The installation only takes a few minutes, then data flows in real time and is redundantly secured.

Gateway Retrofit

You can easily track energy consumption by installing additional smart meters.  For non-IP-capable systems, gateways can be used to access the data.


In case of proprietary communication systems, a solution can be found together with the manufacturer in order to gain access to the data and optimize operation.


If the systems are no longer compatible with current standards, retrofitting can help, e.g. wireless sensors for recording energy flows and temperatures already provide valuable information.

We Help You Go That Decarbonization Road

The road to an efficient, economical and sustainable portfolio can be long and challenging. We accompany your roadmap to an ESG-compliant portfolio with an experienced team and actively take care of the further decarbonization of your buildings. In addition to reducing emissions through our autonomous operational optimization, we work with you to derive further measures for your ESG goals based on our data and support you in implementing them.

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Use Cases

aedifion Brings Value to a Variety of Use Cases

Icon gradient connected building
Smart Building

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into the real estate sector. With the aedifion cloud platform, we enable all smart services in one central location. This turns the building into a real smart building.

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Icon gradient sustainability and savings
Operational Optimization

Improved building operation and lower energy costs - with the help of AI and our Optimization Bundle, your portfolio can be improved in an economical, ecological and tenant-oriented way.

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Icon gradient sustainability

Buildings are a significant driver on the road to climate neutrality. It is time to take advantage of the opportunities offered by energy efficiency and focus on sustainable and efficient operation in the portfolio.

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