Fast data availability in real time

Plug-and-Play access to your building data

Connecting all trades in the building, data acquisition in real time and the whole thing without complex installation. With the aedifion cloud platform, fast data availability becomes the new standard.

Data acquisition

IoT needs data

Imagine having to extract the data from each individual trade, painstakingly merge them manually, and then draw the right conclusions to identify possible errors. We don't need to make it clear that this kind of building operation is not practical. So let's make use of the latest technologies and lead the building services into the Internet of Things. All data is available at the push of a button and in real time, and can be combined, evaluated and analyzed. This is not the future. It is already possible today.

How it works

Data integration independent of the manufacturer

Data visualization in heatmaps or time series

Access via web-based frontend

Big Data storage for large amounts of technical data

Get your data into the cloud today!

Easy data availability for your building

Data is the new gold. And we make sure that you have easy access to your building data. Simple, straightforward and secure. Plug-and-play, we network all technical building equipment data on our cloud platform, visualize and process it. Interested? Then let us get in touch and find out from our cloud experts what we can do for you and your data.

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Connectivity Between the Trades

Data connectivity is about linking disparate applications and data sets to capture, store, visualize, and analyze data in real time. This enables value-creating synergies. We enable data availability in a very simple plug-and-play way. By connecting our small industrial PC in the building, all relevant trades are connected without any installation effort. Within a very short time, the data is available web-based in our cloud platform, can be further processed and enriched via open interfaces.

Regardless of whether you are a planner, engineer, system integrator, property manager or operator: anyone who wants to ensure efficient operation needs data. With aedifion, we make sure you get it.