Operation optimization for buildings via cloud

Reduce energy costs - increase competitiveness

What if your new or existing building could become up to 40% more energy efficient with simple measures? Sounds too good to be true? But this is precisely the potential that lies dormant in buildings. Despite modern technology, it still means an enormous effort for many operators to be able to achieve minor improvements, because malfunctions are frequent and identifying them is time-consuming. The result is unnecessarily high energy consumption, high maintenance costs and a lot of time. There is another way!

Operation optimization

Get More out of Your Energy Consumption

With Data-driven Operational Optimization

With our solutions for continuous operational optimization, we do not leave you alone. A comprehensive, centralized database is elementary for this. Only those who know their building and plant operation well can continuously improve them. The actual utilization of the building and usage-based energy consumption are important drivers in this process. And this is where we come in and make things easier for you: The platform identifies unnecessary energy consumption based on monitoring data and intelligent analyses. Based on this, you receive a catalog of recommended actions for improving building and system operation. Tedious, manual classification of individual systems is thus a thing of the past. How does this work exactly?

How it works

Big Data for Your Operational Optimization

The artificial intelligence of our add-on .analytics uses all data records of the TGA for the intelligent analyses, which are imported via a simple plug-and-play installation. It evaluates plant operation, identifies errors in operation and automatically shows recommended actions that the operating team and facility management can put into practice.

1. Plug-and-Play Access to the Building Data

2. Automatic Data Structuring in Digital Twins

3. Intelligent Analysis through Artificial Intelligence

4. Identification of Error Sources and Potentials for Optimization

Improvement of the Plant Operation

Optimization Potential at the Push of a Button

Save valuable time for the time-consuming identification of errors in operation. With the help of our cloud platform and artificial intelligence, the efficient optimization of building operations is once again easily in your hands. Quite simply via web frontend. Let's get it done! 

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More Energy Efficiency, Better Building Performance and Greater User Comfort

It has never been so obvious: Save valuable resources through AI-supported operational optimization. With simple measures, you increase user comfort for tenants, improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Thanks to demand-based operating times, the systems suffer less wear and tear and the responsible personnel can concentrate fully on the systems. Faults in plant operation can be quickly resolved by a qualified alarming system. A win-win-win situation for the building, the users and the energy consumption.

Your added value

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Higher space quality, higher occupancy rate
  • Increased sustainability