Smart buildings need IoT

Cloud Platform for Smart Buildings

What makes a building a smart building? - Networking? Efficiency? Sustainability? We put it all on the line and turn buildings into real smart buildings with our cloud platform The digitization of existing and new buildings is essential on the way to a smart building. We show you what your path can look like.


How smart is your building?

Buildings are facing ever greater demands: Digitization, sustainability and efficiency are the current challenges facing the real estate industry. A smart building links these in an intelligent and digital way. Smart buildings already start with data-driven technology planning, go beyond strategic commissioning management to efficient, AI-supported building and system operation. So if you manage to continuously network your property and create synergies from this networking, you get your smart building. To maintain an overview in such complex constructs, a central overview in the form of smart building software is needed.

How it works

Single source of information for everything

A central platform for the complete TBE: visualize, analyze, optimize data

Individual Requirements

Implementation of individual smart building use cases possible thanks to modular system.

Data Availability and Networking

Synergies and efficiencies through networking and data availability of all trades in the building.

Turn your Building into a real Smart Building

One Platform - All Applications

The interface-open and manufacturer-independent design of the software architecture makes our cloud platform a universal digital tool for your smart building use case. Networking and digitization are the key to success - we show you how. Let's make your building intelligent!

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Smart Building Uses Cases at a Glance

Technical Monitoring with Cloud Platform

Condition-based maintenance

Energy Performance Contracting

Optimized space utilization

Prediction-based control

Smart Building Apps


ESG Targets

Performance evaluation

Room booking and occupancy