Digital Operation Monitoring

Software for Technical Monitoring Data Acquisition

How do you actually get the data for the technical monitoring of a building? Anyone offering technical monitoring in accordance with VDI 6041 or commissioning management quickly comes up against limits, because building data is rarely available without barriers. But there are now efficient digital tools that significantly simplify data collection for building services.

Technical Monitoring

Software Solution for Technical Monitoring Data Acquisition

High energy consumption and frequent user complaints are regularly due to non-optimally adjusted building services equipment. The technical building equipment in real estate is also faced with constantly increasing requirements in terms of law, user comfort and safety. But building services engineering is the most important cog in reducing the real energy consumption of smart buildings. That is why smart building monitoring is needed.

How it works

Building Performance in new Spheres

The aedifion cloud platform makes technical monitoring very simple: plant data and operating states are recorded plug-and-play and evaluated automatically in real time. As a digital tool, artificial intelligence checks the performance of the systems over the entire building life cycle and derives concrete recommendations for action for optimal operation. The implementation of these optimization measures enables operation that is based on the actual use and utilization of the facilities. Malfunctions, failures or operation not oriented to actual use can be identified and remedied in no time at all. In this way, the cloud platform provides holistic quality management for TBE.

1. Semantic Data Acquisition

All relevant plants are automatically created as digital twins and the respective data, such as target values, actual values and energy system target, are fed into the platform plug-and-play. This plant mapping is fully automated by our AI.

2. Analyze and Optimize

In real time, our Artificial Intelligence analyzes operational data and plant performance, identifies deviations, and provides recommendations for optimization potential based on years of proven expert engineering algorithms.

3. Continuous Monitoring

From now on, the real-time alignment of the systems is automated and enables a live insight into the utilization of the building services as well as a clear visualization of the data. The duration analyses are possible over any period of time.

Building Performance in Focus

Technical monitoring is now possible digitally!

Convenient and uncomplicated access to data for technical monitoring. With the aedifion cloud platform, this is finally possible. This guarantees more efficiency, less risk and less effort. Optimize your technical monitoring sustainably now. We show you how!

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Your Added Value

Technical Monitoring with Cloud Platform

Rapid identification and optimization of operational errors

Erfüllung von Standards gemäß VDI 6041 und AMEV Empfehlung 158

Improved building performance

Increased user satisfaction through improved indoor air quality