The security of your personal data and the data of your plant equipment is our highest priority. Our software architecture and the choice of components of our value chain ensures that your data is always encrypted and protected and stay that way. Gain more insights by reading our documentation.


Certified Data Centers

The hosting of our entire applications of our platform is carried out by dedicated machines in certified data centers (according to ISO, IEC 27001).

Hosted in Germany

Our services are hosted exclusively in Germany. The data centers used for hosting are extensivley certified, feature DDoS-protection and multi-redundant connection.

Redundant Backups

All recorded data is saved automatically, multi-redundantly and seperated locally in certified data centers. We make sure that your work is available and accessible in emergent cases.

Encapsulation & Separation

The entire services and data are consistently encapsulated and seperated - right down to system level. Consequently users and functions only have the limited access they actually require.

Encrypted Data Transfer

The data is transferred from the plant to our servers with state-of-the-art encryption. We use the sophisticated and validated protocol of TLS 1.2.

Role-based Access Control

The access management allows as many roles with individual access rights as you wish, from just a single data point up to a company-wide project overview.