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Energy Savings and ESG Compliance via Cloud Solution

How It Works

Sustainability in Buildings

On the Way to Green Buildings

Buildings make a significant contribution to global energy consumption. Reason enough, therefore, to include them in an effective portfolio sustainability strategy. ESG and the EU taxonomy regulation provide additional guidelines. So it's time to finally make buildings sustainable. We show you how!


How to do it

Reduce Energy Consumption with Data Support

This is how aedifion Cloud Solutions Lead to More Sustainability in Buildings

With the aedifion cloud platform, you have all the levers you need to save energy, decarbonize the building and achieve your ESG goals faster. Become part of the energy transition and make your buildings fit for the future. With a smart sustainability strategy, reduced energy consumption and lower CO₂ emissions. This will help you achieve your ESG goals even faster!


Reduce Energy Consumption

Really only consume what you need. With aedifion you can monitor, log, analyze and optimize energy consumption. So you save energy and costs.


Reduce CO₂ Emissions

CO₂ emission costs are rising, the pressure to reduce is growing. With aedifion, you dynamically specify the CO₂ target and always receive the optimal measure for CO₂ reduction for your building.


Meeting ESG Criteria with Sustainable Building Operations

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With the aedifion cloud platform, we offer a software solution that creates all the conditions for smart energy management and sustainable building operation. Quickly and easily, we provide plug-and-play for the required data availability.

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Our Solutions for More Sustainable Assets and Portfolios

The Cloud Platform and its Add-ons

Data Availability & Monitoring

Connectivity to all trades of the technical building equipment and high-performance data provision plug-and-play.


Analysis & Reporting

Digital operational optimization through reporting and automated analysis with the help of artificial intelligence


AI-based Control

Efficient and cost-minimized operation through our advanced control system. Your next-level digital system upgrade.

Development & Consulting

Use our modular functionality in your existing systems and expand your value chain in line with the future.


Integrated Building and Energy Management

Digital Solutions for Demand-Driven Energy Consumption

Energy consumption in buildings is an important lever for saving costs and protecting the environment. With a combined platform solution for building and energy management, saving energy becomes very simple: The platform evaluates the incoming data, automatically identifies optimization potential and provides recommendations for action for sustainable, smart energy management. Simple, clear and intuitive - directly via web view or app.