Segments of use of the aedifion cloud platform

Our customer segments at a glance

With our digital solutions, we create real added value for our customers in terms of data availability, cost reduction and value enhancement. This is what makes the aedifion cloud platform so multifunctional and promising for many different areas. Through the individual approach, we can thus serve the most diverse use cases. What can we do for you?



Our platform creates connectivity to all installed trades, which are created as digital twins and then analyzed automatically. Our artificial intelligence supports you in this process. With our solution you get easy access to all sensors and actuators, establish technical monitoring and create meaningful reports.

Project Developer

Sustainability as a digital upgrade with aedifion. Our platform creates transparency for all involved stakeholders right from the start of operation, ensures future-oriented building operation and supports certification, e.g. DGNB and LEEED. Our interfaces also allow future extensions to be easily implemented and increase the value of your developments.

Asset Owner

Green buildings are possible in existing buildings. With aedifion, you create a uniform data basis for your entire portfolio, check the performance of the plant technology with the help of artificial intelligence, prioritize modernization measures and optimize the existing control system for more energy efficiency. Value enhancement and sustainability as a digital upgrade.


Bring your components into the digital age and extend the value proposition of your products. The aedifion solution and its individual modules extend the value proposition to your customers, increase integration capabilities and make you the preferred provider not only in the context of smart building. 


Facility Management

All important data of your properties regarding technical building management on one interface. With aedifion, you bring together all trades of all properties and always maintain an overview between fault messages, energy consumption and comfort.



One platform as a control center for all trades of technical building equipment. With .io as a cloud-based platform, you get a digital data hub and a comprehensive tool for operational optimization based on actual utilization, which relieves your operating team.

Reference projects

Here the cloud platform is successfully in use

With its digital solutions for data acquisition, operational optimization and cloud-based control, aedifion is already integrated in numerous properties and delivers value-added results. Numerous use cases from data connectivity and technical monitoring to complete smart building applications can be covered with .io, .analytics and .controls. Our reference buildings should give you a small insight into exciting example projects. 

  • Aachen
  • Research Building
  • 1.700 m²
  • 200 data points
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Munich
  • 390,290 m² 
  • 18 buildings
  • 12,427 data points
  • Integration of different protocols and APIs
  • Karlsruhe
  • Sales Area
  • 37,000 m²
  • Integration of smart metering solutions
  • 218 digital plant twins created
  • 453 different analyses in operation

Bad Pyrmont
Office building
18.000 m²
8,000 data points

Our products at a glance

The right solution for every area

Data Availability & Monitoring

Connectivity to all trades of the technical building equipment and high-performance data provision plug-and-play.

Analytics & Reporting

Digital operational optimization through reporting and automated analysis with the help of artificial intelligence

Automated Optimization

Efficient and cost-minimized operation through cloud-based autonomous control. Your digital system upgrade.

Development & Consulting

Use our functionality modular in your existing systems and expand your value chain in line with the future.