One Platform - Countless Use Cases

Building Operation Next Level

With our cloud solutions, we can map a wide range of use cases. The platform is as flexible as its building and adapts to regularly changing requirements and use cases. It's simple, modular and straightforward. So you get exactly the right software for your individual use case. We show you how you can use the aedifion cloud platform.


Data connectivity

The aedifion cloud platform enables plug-and-play recording, storage, visualization and evaluation of building technology systems in real time. All information is provided via publicly documented interfaces. The recorded data and evaluations can be enriched with further data from third-party systems.

Data connectivity

Commissioning management

Error-free building operation from day one. This requires a structured, yet simple commissioning process that starts with planning, includes extensive data evaluation and can be handled remotely. This is how simple commissioning management becomes with aedifion.


Commissioning management

Technical monitoring

The level of technology in modern buildings is increasing. The heterogeneous infrastructure of technical systems, the increasing demands of all stakeholders, and legal requirements therefore require modern tools that enable the economic, energy-efficient, and needs-based operation of buildings. Our solution ensures the best possible operation through automated technical monitoring.

Technical monitoring

Optimization of operations

Improved building operation and lower energy costs? With the help of artificial intelligence and our web-based cloud platform, building operations can be improved economically and environmentally. The results are reduced energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, predictive maintenance and a reduced burden on the operating team. This is how sustainability for buildings works.

Operation optimization

One central platform - your specific use case

Come on, let's just make your building better!

We have the right cloud platform for exactly your use cases! Your use case is not yet included? No problem, we will be happy to show you how we can make your building better in an uncomplicated, fast and simple way. Contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

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