Commissioning Management with Smart Software

Commissioning of Building Services Equipment is Simple

With the optimal software, commissioning management has never been easier. Data-based evaluations and digitally documented test runs make the commissioning of building systems fast, uncomplicated and risk-free. We show you how!


Special Apects of Commissioning Management

The technical building equipment in new buildings is complex and multidimensional. It is therefore no wonder that the commissioning of the building services engineering brings challenges with it. The complex building and plant technology is too often divided into many individual trades that do not work together but only for themselves. Accordingly, commissioning is time-consuming and costly. All too often, buildings start operation with malfunctions or commissioning is simply incomplete. Structured, cross-trade commissioning promises clarity and simplicity.

How it works

Remote Cross-Trade Commissioning

Many errors can already be prevented by timely planning and structured commissioning. The aedifion cloud platform brings together all trades in the new building and accompanies the complete commissioning process with valuable functions, remote commissioning and data availability. The entire process of a digital commissioning management is thus mapped.

1. Connectivity

Plug-and-play connectivity ensures real-time data availability

2. Field Testing

Automated remote field testing with documentation in the platform

3. Test Mode

Test operation with real-time visualization and automated trend evaluation

4. Trial Operation

Automated monitoring of trial operation

Comprehensive Data-based Commissioning

Software-based TGA Commissioning

Commissioning management remotely? - Sure, with the aedifion cloud platform you can comfortably manage the commissioning process remotely and keep track of all data and all trades. Make it easy for yourself. Contact us now and get individual advice!

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Your Added Value

Benefit from commissioning management via cloud platform. We will be happy to assist you in every step of the way to successful commissioning.

  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Remote trend and test evaluations
  • Shortened adjustment phases
  • Automated monitoring and documentation
  • Transparent database
  • High, cross-trade data quality