Our Use Cases

Get an overview how our products are applied

Data-Driven Facility & District Management

  • Overview of your building's technical operation
  • Operating data available at one center
  • Superior dashboards.
  • Individual alarms.
  • Superior control commands and Schedules


Commissioning, Technical Monitoring and Operational Optimisation

  • All relevant building immediately captured
  • Visualization via frontend, dashboard or Excel
  • Evaluate with tailored tools
  • Adjust target values and schedules.

Digital Extension of Your Value Chain

  • Use aedifion services as a white label
  • Use our API to develop and extend products
  • Scalability through modularity of aedifion-services
  • Extend functionality with aedifion-features
  • Offer digital value-adding extensions

Application in Research and Development

  • Ideal Sandbox for research and development projects
  • Evaluate building energy systems scientifically via and MATLAB
  • Dynamic digital twins and virtual data points
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Link your development environment with plants