Energy Savings Calculator

How much potential is there in your building?

Save energy and CO2 emissions easily - Check how much savings potential is available in your building right here with our calculator. With the aedifion cloud platform you save money and reduce the environmental impact of your property. Calculate now!


Area in sq m

Mark here the total gross area of your building.

Year of construction

Set the year of construction of your building here.

Energy consumption in kWh/(sq m/ a)

Mark here the energy consumption per square meter of your building per year.

Technical building equipment

01 - Degree of automation

What degree of automation does the building have according to DIN EN 15232

02 - Heat pumps

Is the building mainly supplied by heat pump(s)?


CO2 saved per year

Estimate of average expected carbon dioxide emissions savings per year.

28 288

operation costs saved per year

Estimate of expected operating cost savings per year.

The savings calculated here are only an approximate forecast based on a few influencing factors and are therefore not legally binding. Actual savings may vary depending on the age, condition, type and operating hours of the building. Therefore, these calculations should only be used as a guide. We will be happy to prepare an individual calculation for your property after an initial discussion.

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