We Bring Buildings to the Cloud

With the aedifion cloud platform, we enable convenient data availability, AI-supported operational optimization and autonomous plant control to operate buildings transparently, sustainably and digitally. This turns your building into a true smart building.


Our Solutions

Buildings Simply Made Better

The aedifion cloud platform makes buildings more transparent and sustainable, reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and regulates on demand and self-learning with artificial intelligence - in both new and existing buildings. With the plug-and-play approach of the platform, we create the optimal data basis for diverse use cases in the shortest possible time. Conveniently accessible via web frontend or app.

Data Availability & Monitoring

Connectivity to all trades of the technical building equipment and high-performance data provision plug-and-play.

Analysis & Reporting

Digital operational optimization through reporting and automated analysis with the help of artificial intelligence

Automated Optimization

Efficient and cost-minimized operation through cloud-based autonomous control. Your digital system upgrade.

Development & Consulting

.custom - use our modular functionality in your existing systems and expand your value chain in a future-oriented way.






Time Series


10 bn












Your Added Value with the aedifion Cloud Platform

Average Savings of 20%

Average 20% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Fully Apportionable

Full apportionment eligibility of license costs as ongoing operating costs.

Achieve ESG Goals

Make buildings more sustainable based on data and meet ESG criteria now.

Error Identification & Elimination

Identify malfunctions or failures at an early stage and rectify them quickly.


"With aedifion.io we are able to record data from any faculty, from individual meters to the entire process control system, safely and transparently, and store it [...] reliably for a long time to come."

Franz Völkl, Managing Director, werkkraft GmbH

"We use aedifion.io as a data platform in our research building ENERGETIKUM. The comprehensive support, the high reliability of the system as well as the new dimension of data availability and integration are convincing.”

Prof. Christian Heschl, FH Burgenland

"We use aedifion.io as a tool to implement our technical operation optimization. This allows building energy systems to be connected in a very simple way and the data to be evaluated in a standardized way."

Bruno Lupulescu, Group Lead, ZWP Ingenieur-AG

"Thanks to aedifion.io and .controls, we were able to test our building solution very quickly and now have the option of easy scaling.”

Dr. Markus Grote, E.ON SE

"You can't really get much more transparency than that: 26,000m², 118 digital twins, 390 different analyses, which are constantly being expanded on top of that. Thanks to this digital upgrade with .analytics and the support of aedifion, we were able to achieve massive savings potential in our new building in no time at all, despite modern standards - now we have a real Smart Buillding!"

Michael Schöny, Research Engineer, AIT Austrian Institut of Technology

"The joint solution from aedifion and Thing-it helps me keep track of my center's actual energy consumption, identify faulty equipment, and increase my center's energy efficiency through specific recommendations."

Mario Graf, Technical Manager Center Management, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Let's Make Your Building Digital!

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Smart Building Readiness in new AND existing buildings. Our cloud platform enables value enhancement and sustainability through operational excellence and transparency. Get an idea of our services yourself. Digital building operations "at your fingertips" via our free and non-binding demo access to our platform. We look forward to your inquiry.

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Our Approach

We developed our platfrom to enlighten the "black-boxes" of buildings and engineering systems, to improve energy efficiency with advanced applications and to be a part of a successful energy transition.

Plug-and-Play Data Availability

Whether with edge device or directly via MQTT: The building or energy system to be connected becomes cloud-available in just a few steps. Convince yourself!

Vendor-neutral and secure

Open interfaces enable uncomplicated integration of and into third-party systems. The platform is multi-redundantly secured and hosted in certified data centers in Germany.

Deep-Tech with artificial intelligence

We always keep our finger on the pulse with our solutions and work with the latest findings from research and science for the secure use of artificial intelligence.

Synergy of IT and engineering knowledge

In our solutions, we combine expertise from the areas of IT and engineering knowledge. This allows us to create synergies from both areas of expertise for our customers.