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Your platform for transparent plant operations is the highly specialized IoT platform for monitoring and optimization of technical building equipment and energy systems. The tool to reduce your operating costs and increase your energy efficiency - for existing and new buildings alike. offers an efficient analysis of large amounts of technical data using artificial intelligence and classical engineering techniques. In real time, it offers deep insights into the operational performance and quality of your plants and provides actionable instructions for optimization.

aedifion.controls offers advanced and value adding control algorithms from the cloud. Your system upgrade for greater comfort, lower operating costs and more sustainable plant operations.

Individual functions and extensions for you. Your tailor-made digital extension of your product portfolio with white label solutions. We integrate and optimise your existing systems or implement individual use cases in smart-commercial-buildings.

We offer

Data Acquisition & Provision

.io - Connectivity to all trades of technical building equipment, high-performance data availability, secure high-level operational management.


Analysis & Reporting

.analytics - sustainable and implementable optimization recommendations and operational transparency through automated evaluations and reports.


Advanced Controls

.controls - more efficient and cost-minimized operation through cloud based and advanced controls


Development & Consulting

.custom - use our modular functionality in your existing systems and expand your value chain in a future-oriented way.


Customer Segments

Original Manufacturers

You manufacture energy systems, HVAC components or building automation components. You build plants or (building) automation systems or software.

Engineers and Optimizers

As an engineering office or system integrator, you offer operational optimisation and monitoring for existing and new buildings.

Research & Development

You develop digital products for HVAC and plant engineering, or research analysis and control algorithms.

Operating Managers

You operate larger (possibly distributed) real estate properties and are looking for solutions to optimize your processes.

Original Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of systems and components for energy and building technology, you want to digitally extend your value chain and prepare yourself for future challenges. You have the added value of your customers in mind and would like to set an example with innovative products.
With aedifion.custom you have a multitude of digital components at your disposal combined with engineering know-how.

Engineers and Optimizers

You offer services such as technical operational optimisation, commissioning management or various types of technical monitoring, for example in accordance with VDI 6041 or AMEV Recommendation No. 135. is your tool, which facilitates and automates many of the steps to increase and secure building performance.

Research & Development

As a research and development department in a larger company or as a research institute, you will have the responsibility of creating new digital products or researching new methods of building and plant operation, for instance regarding user interfaces or algorithms. is the ideal sandbox for quickly testing new applications and then scaling them up in the rollout. It can also be used in teaching to learn data-based evaluation and optimization in practice.

Operating Managers

Your task is the smooth and cost-effective technical plant operation of individual buildings, larger properties or for a large number of properties at different locations. As a tool, helps you to reduce operating costs, increase service quality and user perceptions, and thus increase user satisfaction.


"With we are able to record data from any faculty, from individual meters to the entire process control system, safely and transparently, and store it [...] reliably for a long time to come."

Franz Völkl, Managing Director, werkkraft GmbH

"We use as a data platform in our research building ENERGETIKUM. The comprehensive support, the high reliability of the system as well as the new dimension of data availability and integration are convincing.”

Prof. Christian Heschl, FH Burgenland

"We use as a tool to implement our technical operation optimization. This allows building energy systems to be connected in a very simple way and the data to be evaluated in a standardized way."

Bruno Lupulescu, Group Lead, ZWP Ingenieur-AG

"Thanks to and .controls, we were able to test our building solution very quickly and now have the option of easy scaling.”

Dr. Markus Grote, E.ON SE





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Our Approach


With an edge-device or directly via MQTT: The chosen buildings or energy systems are easily connected to our cloud services in just a few simple steps. See for yourself!

Hosted in Germany

Our services are hosted exclusiveley in Germany. Our partner data centers are extensively certified, possess DDoS-protection and a multiredundant connection. 


All our provided data and features are accessible and editable via our RESTful-HTTP-API

We developed our platfrom to enlighten the "black-boxes" of buildings and engineering systems, to improve energy efficiency with advanced applications and to be a part of a successful energy transition.

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